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Light loads

All of our subs are only 5-1/2 feet long for easy and safe handling on the rig floor.

MST has taken filter subs to a whole new level by acquiring two patent pending filter designs. The first is a filter sub allowing the retrieval of the filter which is reseatable from the rig floor. The second is a filter sub with the capabilities of retrieving an MWD source. Read more..


Planning for safety

From the design phase to the BHA application of all filter subs, we keep safety our first priority.

All of our Filter Subs are API Spec 7-1.

We offer filter subs in all sizes and connections as well as in non-magnetic and steel, giving you the ability to place in multiple locations in the BHA or above.  Research on flow simulated software plus extensive and continuing studies give us the ability to provide one of the best products in the drill string used for filtration today. Read more..


Smooth operator

We also designed a filter that can be placed in and taken out of the sub with ease.

Oil Well Drilling Equipment

Mason Specialty Tools, LLC Downhole Filter Sub Rentals


In the design phase, we conducted expert engineering and metallurgy studies and kept in mind the total flow area around and through the filter, which allows our customer to pump at maximum flow rates without the worry of erosion. Read more..

Downhole Filter Subs / Drill Pipe Screens / Non-Magnetic Filter Sub Rentals

Mason Specialty Tools, LLC Downhole Filter Sub Rentals