MST is the first company to offer non-magnetized filter sub rentals, which allows directional companies to stage tools anywhere in the BHA.

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Drill Pipe Screens

Due to the engineering of the filter's creatively designed portholes, we have also significantly reduce the possibility of total plug up..

Our goal is to provide a means of protection for the equipment most susceptible to jamming (plugging up) in your Bottom Hole Assembly.

Downhole Filter Subs

  • 4 ¾” w/ NC38
  • 6 ½” w/ NC46
  • 6 ¾” w/ NC50
  • 8 ¼” w/6 5/8 Reg
  • 9 ½” w/ 7 5/8 Reg

High Flow / Slow Flow..

We stock screens from 2-4 feet in length and thickness ranging from 7-16 gauge.

Oil well drilling equipment must meet the demands of the project. Mason Specialty Tools realizes that different situations call for different screens so we have screens for both high flow and slow flow applications in the oil well drilling process. If we don't carry a screen that fits the conditions in which you are drilling, we have the resources to quickly design and produce a screen that will.

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Mason Specialty Tools, LLC Downhole Filter Sub Rentals

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All of our Filter Subs are API Spec 7-1.