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Mason Specialty Tools, LLC Downhole Filter Sub Rentals

  • Stephen Domingue - President / CFO - Phone: 337-837-9082
  • Trisha Morgan - Office Manager - Phone: 337-837-9082
  • Gwyn Hutslar -  Executive Assistant to CFO - Phone: 337-837-9082
  • Kevin Cormier - Tool Technician - Phone: 337-837-9082
  • Brent Reily - Quality Control / Tool Technician - Phone: 337-837-9082
  • Nick Stelly - Inventory Specialist - Phone: 337-837-9082
  • Elizabeth Domingue - Sales - Phone: 337-837-9082
  • Randy Domingue - Sales - Phone: 337-837-9082

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Quality Assurance:

All of our Filter Subs are API Spec 7-1.

Call now for more information: +1.3378379082

Mason Specialty Tools, LLC

was formed to help support the growing demand for protecting all sensitive tools placed in the BHA. Our inventory caters mainly to MWD/LWD high wear parts.

We understand the emphasis of quality parts. All of our parts are guaranteed to meet required API-QI, ISO-900*(1987), ASME/ANSI and SPPE-1 standards.

Mason Specialty Tools is strategically partnered..

with nine machine shops across the US, Canada, and Aberdeen to manufacture our select list of parts. One hundred percent QA/QC will be performed before they leave the facilities and again before they enter our inventory. 

Mason Specialty Tools is dedicated..

to the oil well drilling equipment we provide to our customers. Our continued success is attributed to the strategic relationships we have built with our customers over the last ten years. We are able to serve these customers because of our experience and attention to detail. Mason Specialty Tools, LLC drill pipe screen rentals are second to none. Mason Specialty Tools, LLC downhole filter sub rentals is the premiere partner in the oil well drilling process.